Corporate Social Responsibilities



ISO standards

ISO 20121: Responsible management systems applied to event activity during the procurement process. Certification objective set at the end of 2020.

The “Pomme d’Or” Trophy

Raynier Marchetti received in 2012 the “Pomme d’Or” Trophy awarded by the BVC Expertise group , 1st French network specializing in food safety expertise in commercial catering.

Fresh and seasonal

Since January 2019, we have been using flour from Moulins d e Brasseuil (78) for all our preparations. Halles-Paris Sud , our fruit and vegetable wholesaler located in Rungis offers seasonal products and favors short circuits and locavores. All of our suppliers are located in Île-de-France, less than 40 km from our production site (Colombes). The short circuit and the inclusion of sustainable development approaches are privileged criteria when referencing new suppliers. </ P > Thus, 70% of the products on our cards come from local suppliers who have taken a responsible purchasing or manufacturing approach. All categories of labeled products are concerned. They are part of an eco-responsible approach recognized by the following European or international acronyms: IGP, AOP, AOC, Label Rouge, Fairtrade, MSC, Max Havelaar.

Limit Food Waste

Concerned about reducing food waste around our events, we are working with two associations to redistribute unused products, which have not suffered a break in the cold or heat chain, during our services. Each product likely to be redistributed is selected and identified upstream, allowing us to be the most efficient. Our objective is to recover 100% of the surplus and unsold products by providing concrete solutions. For this, the Missing Link supports us in reducing waste and recovering waste. Thus, since July 2018, we have been able to redistribute 2,500 meals thanks to the partnership we have set up with this association. Also, to comply with our legal obligations (Cold chain, DLC, etc.), the sales department, assisted by our Hygiene Manager and our Reception Manager, imagines the ideal scenario so that the waste food is limited.


In his approach, Raynier Marchetti is also very important to inclusion. We call on workers from ESAT Plaisance to carry out specific tasks in the laboratory or on our events. We encourage the hiring of people with disabilities and develop apprenticeship in the field of catering and service. We are continuing our partnership with Du Pain et des Roses, an ecological and solidarity-based florist, promoting inclusion and helping women in the process of reintegration.


During the development of each new menu, the R&D managers ensure that the recipes are planned to limit the production of waste. Raynier Marchetti has been involved in reducing packaging since 2016 and has decided to generalize its “ZERO PLASTIC” containers. The manufacturing laboratory has been sorting bio-waste since 2017, thus making it possible to convert the products back to methane. Since 2018, our disposable tableware has been made from cane pulp and fiber. The Butard Paris group is moving towards ISO 20121 certification for its central manufacturing laboratory based in Colombes.

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