50 years of existence gave birth to a caterer of "Everything is possible" while keeping its professionalism
Quite simply, Raynier Marchetti is a caterer who sees his teams at the center of his activity
Une Cuisine
, généreuse, honnête. C'est la promesse que Raynier Marchetti veut faire à ses clients

Our job

Raynier Marchetti, committed caterer since 1968, continues his tireless development in the 21st century by not denying anything of his past. The great strong and iconic brand of the Parisian catering world of the 20th century is focusing on importance of the human and the transmission which allows it to combine the event of today and tomorrow.

The company

50 years of professional and human experience, it’s half a century of enrichment, adaptability, versatility, open-mindedness …

Our comitment

CSR commitment is fully part of our DNA. Raynier Marchetti manages his teams according to an environmental and societal approach integrated with a dynamic of constant improvement in service and quality. This approach aims to combine as harmoniously as possible respect for the environment, respect for social ethics, the management of resources and the integration of economic constraints. Raynier Marchetti has implemented a policy of a Corporate Social Responsibility Charter. Companies (CRSE) whose fields of action are interactive. They are based on 5 fundamental pillars: waste, product, recycling, certifications and inclusion.


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